Friday, May 11, 2007

Google Earth has some sound!

I think Google Earth is one of their most innovative and beneficial features. If not for its sheer necessity or use for directions, it is very fun to mess with when you have been drinking with your friends. We would travel the world every weekend, and it although it was an extremely different way of traveling the world, it was nonetheless enjoyable. However, it will be even more enjoyable with the possible addition of sounds. Wild Sanctuary, which is a sound-based software company, is in talks with Google about adding sound to Google Earth. It would definitely add to the weekend enjoyment!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Digg Stand UP!

Digg is like, hey wait a minute. Never have I seen such a quick response by internet users to go against the mold. This is why I like Digg; it's people banding together, and it always has been. I am also glad that Kevin Rose (co-founder) didn't give in and gave the users what they wanted. It's sites like Digg that make the internet fun and enjoyable. Go Digg!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Motion Sensored Laptop?? YES!

Considering the Nintendo Wii has taken over the gaming market, it would be safe to say that motion-sensored anything would be awesome. But a motion-sensored laptop? That would be absolutely incredible! But it is coming, and scientists' goal is to create a laptop that is "as easy to use as an Etch-A-Sketch". But I've always had trouble with those......

Friday, April 27, 2007

IPod Stuff

So, I only bought a first-generation IPod. I didn't really think too much of them, and didn't really even buy the aforementioned one (my mom did....merry consumermas!). The more that time has gone on though, the more I've come to like the little guy. I figured this because the beta version of anything is usually lacking in a lot of these smart people at Apple cater to the consumer needs. Stuff like this is what gives the IPod its major advantage: marketing deals with other major developers and companies. Ms. Pac Man? AWESOME!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ray Ozzie takes on Google

Ray Ozzie (new Microsoft software architect) needs to answer a few questions. If he can answer these, is it possible that Microsoft could compete with Google at some point? I am guessing no, considering Google was recently named the most recognizable brand in the entire world. Come on, can do it!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Challengers for Google?

Not likely, but there are an increasing amount of Davids to Google's Goliaths in the United Kingdom. Not important to us here in America huh? Try again. These are the situations where great companies are born, similar to how Larry Page created the Google monster that has started to take over the information world. Even if they don't overtake Google, I'd bet that this new competition will spawn off a set of information based companies. It's called under-ride creation, when small business attempts to challenge large business and establishes itself in something partly or totally unrelated.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Opening day was incredibly exciting for the city of Detroit. The fervor from last year's championship run has undoubtedly held strong as season ticket holders increased almost ten-fold, and the bandwagon is officially full. I haven't seen this many Tigers hats out on the street in 21 years.

Now, for the game. It wasn't anything special, but there were a couple great signs. First, Bonderman came back and pitched a great game after having a horrible first inning. These are the kind of games that he would have let go in the past. I feel like he will truly become the ace he was supposed to become this year, and after peeing my pants in the first inning I was able to recover similarly to him.

Second, they were able to buckle down and make a valiant comeback against a top-notch pitcher such as Halladay. Halladay could easily win this year and already has won a Cy Young in the past. He seemed to be in control for the most part, but similar to situations last year, the Tigers were able to claw back with timely hitting. Although they lost, it was nice to see a game that was similar to so many last year.

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